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Woodburn House


Woodburn is a small estate set in a wooded valley and originally developed in the early-19th century. It is now in divided ownership. The kitchen garden remains as a grassed enclosure. Water features include pools and weirs. There are also tree belts of beech and lime.


Wooded valley setting.

Woodburn House is set on level ground between two streams with the hill rising steeply behind it. Further up the slope is Upper Woodburn. The entire estate is wooded except the open areas of lawn in front of Woodburn House. The woodland is predominantly mixed deciduous with an over-mature oak wood on the higher slopes.

There is a garden around the stone-channelled Wood Burn to the west of Woodburn House, with trees, shrubs and conifers. The lawn in front of the house was formerly a rose parterre. Around Upper Woodburn the gardens are wilder in character. There are two former walled gardens, now grassed over, one of them with brick gate piers.

Visitor Access, Directions & Contacts

John Buchanan Kincaid of Carbeth built Woodburn in the early-1820s, replacing Auchenreoch House. Financial difficulties forced the sale of the site in 1828. The estate was extended in the 1920s, and has since been divided between two residences.

Features & Designations


  • House (featured building)
  • Description: The house is rubble-built, of two storeys in gothic style. A projecting porch was added in around 1825 by John Buchanan Kincaid.
  • Earliest Date:
  • Latest Date:
  • Burn
  • Description: The Wood burn.
  • Pond
  • Ornamental Bridge
  • Description: This is known as the Roman bridge.
  • Earliest Date:
  • Latest Date:
  • Building
  • Description: Upper Woodburn or Glenside Cottage, a single-storey building under a slate roof.
  • Gate Lodge
  • Description: There are two modern houses, one of which is timber clad.
  • Drive
  • Description: A curving drive.
  • Lawn
  • Specimen Tree
  • Description: Mature trees.
  • Kitchen Garden
  • Description: This is now a grassed enclosure.
  • Tree Belt
  • Description: There is a narrow belt of beech and lime.
  • Tree Feature
  • Description: A hillside oak wood.
  • Pool
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Country Estate



Principal Building

Domestic / Residential





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Electoral Ward




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