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Contemporary Profiles

This section contains articles about people currently or recently involved with historic parks, gardens and designed landscapes in the United Kingdom. There are many different skills required for the various types of work connected with historic parks and gardens, and a number of professions that are directly associated. 1

The articles contained in this section provide some insight into the type of work and issues involved in identifying, recording, maintaining and restoring this important part of our heritage.

Alan Barber:

Champion of the people's parks

Alan Barber, who died in February 2011, fought for many years to reverse the late 20th-century decline in public parks. Sarah Jackson talked to him in 2008 about his experiences at the heart of the system and the need for root-and-branch reform.

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Mavis Batey:

From codebreaker to campaigner for historic parks and gardens

Mavis Batey, literary and garden historian, talks to Sarah Jackson about how she became interested in historic designed landscapes, and involved in campaigning to conserve them.

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Janie Burford:

Treading in Charles Hamilton's footsteps

When Janie Burford stole into the overgrown wilds of Painshill, little did she know that this landscape was to occupy more than 20 years of her life. Sarah Jackson talks to her about overseeing the first major historic landscape restoration of its kind.

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Gary Churchman:

Making stone sing

Sarah Jackson talks to sculptor and stone carver Gary Churchman as he works on the re-creation of a reredos for the Darnley Mausoleum at Cobham Park in Kent.

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Bil Mount:

The right man in the right place

Landscape architect Bil Mount, who died in January 2008, was a pioneer of historic landscape restoration in the 1970s. In 2007 he talked to Sarah Jackson about his work to save Hestercombe and other historic landscapes and gardens in the south of England.

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