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The Resources page is for volunteers who wish to contribute their research to the Parks & Gardens UK database. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact us:

Research Recording Form

The Research Recording Form form can be used in hardcopy while in the field during a site visit as well as electronically while doing desk research. It has been designed to enable a smooth transition of information for volunteers who plan to contribute their research to Parks & Gardens UK. If a research individual or group requires assistance with completing the form, please contact us.

Please also note: if a site is not normally open to the public and your research has been put together as part of a private tour or visit and the information contained within your report is not otherwise available from public sources, we ask that you please get permission from the owner(s) to submit your research to Parks & Gardens UK prior to submission.

Gardening in Wartime additional information form

Gardening in Wartime additional information form. This is for volunteers contributing research to Parks & Gardens UK for the Gardening in Wartime project in collaboration with the Garden Museum. This form should be used to collect additional information relevant to the project which could be used in the Garden Museum's exhibition in Autumn 2014.

Volunteer Training Manual

The manual offers a practical guide to aid volunteers at all levels of experience to research and record parks, gardens and other types of ornamental landscape, and contribute information and materials to the Parks & Gardens UK database.


Volunteer Training Manual: Introduction

Part One is an introduction to researching and recording parks, gardens and other designed landscapes. If you are new to this kind of work, we suggest that you begin here, to get an idea of what is involved.

Volunteer Training Manual: Part One

Part Two offers in-depth advice on researching a garden’s history. This part is intended as a practical guide and reference resource for researchers in the field, and is divided into sections for easy reference to just the material you need at any stage of the process.

Volunteer Training Manual: Part Two

Part Three of the manual contains detailed contact and bibliographic information relating to the many organisations, publications and other resources referred to in Parts One and Two.

Volunteer Training Manual: Part Three

Part Four contains the detailed supplementary information that is referred to at various points throughout the manual.

Volunteer Training Manual: Part Four

Other documents and resources


A-Z Thesaurus

Developed to assist volunteers in their research and allow them to use consistent terminology when noting particular aspects of historic parks, gardens and designed landscapes.


The Glossary provides definitions and accompanying images for terms and concepts associated with historic designed landscapes.

Parks & Gardens UK Terms of Database and Website Usage

These are the terms on which we allow access to the database and website and the terms on which we are pleased to accept contributions of data for the database. Parks & Gardens UK Terms of Database and Website Usage