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Gardening in Wartime

The Gardening in Wartime project is a joint initiative between the Garden Museum and Parks & Gardens UK. 1

Gazetteer of War Memorial Parks and Gardens Throughout 2014-2018 the nation will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

Hundreds of parks and historic designed landscapes were transformed by temporary uses such as training camps, for food production, or by abandonment.

The Gardening in Wartime project is a joint initiative between the Garden Museum and Parks & Gardens UK.
The project focuses on the untold story of gardens and gardening during and after the First World War.

Memorial Landscape of the Week

Winchester College Garden of Remembrance

To commemorate the death of 500 Wykehamists who fell in service in the World War 1, Cloisters and a Garden of Remembrance were designed by Herbert Baker, in 1924. Gertrude Jekyll created a planting plan for the Garden, the plan of which still resides in the College Library. Read more....

Memorial landscape of the week

Gazetteer of War Memorial Parks and Gardens

How many war memorial parks and gardens are there in the UK? We would like your help to find out! In September 2014 we launched an exciting project to compile a Gazetteer of War Memorial Parks and Gardens in the UK. It is the first of its kind and is now freely available along with an informative article about memorial parks and gardens. The Gazetteer will be updated on a regular basis as new information becomes available.

Gazetteer of War Memorial Parks and Gardens


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Online resources, projects, guidance and suggested reading

Visit our resources page for information and links to resources online which relate to WWI, remembrance and how the war affected historic parks and gardens in the UK.

A selection of WWI resources

Schools and learning resources

A selection of learning resources for schools to use about World War I. If you have a resource you would like to share, please contact us.

learning resources

Parks & Gardens UK records

We have over 9,000 records of parks and gardens on our database. Here are some examples of interesting records already on the database relevant to WWI and gardening in wartime.

WWI and gardening in wartime


Over the next four years, events, exhibitions, lectures and visits will take place all around the country that focus on WWI and commemorations associated with it. We are updating our Events Calendar regularly to provide information about WWI events across multiple organisations and areas. Please be sure to check the calendar regularly for events of interest near you.

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