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Baldoran (also known as Lilyburn Villa)4318

Brief Description

Baldoran is dominated by a long serpentine dam, probably constructed in the mid-19th century and associated with print works at the time. The original house has been demolished but there are other private dwellings on the site. Belts and blocks of tree planting, including remnants of planting around the old house site, contribute to the local scenery.


Historically Baldoran was part of the larger Glorat estate. In the late-18th century land was rented to establish Lilyburn print works. The serpentine dam was probably created in the mid-19th century when the house, Lilyburn Villa, was built by Alexander McNab of Kirkintilloch. By the early-20th century the house was in private ownership and converted to a retirement home. It was demolished in 2002.

  • Dam
  • Description: Mount Dam
  • Gate Lodge
  • Description: Nineteenth-century Baldoran Lodge.
  • Earliest Date:
  • Latest Date:


  • Victorian (1837-1901)