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Hestercombe gardens

Site Research Recording Form

This Site Research Recording Form has been designed to enable the collection of information about a specific Park or Garden in the UK. The form has been designed to enable a smooth transition of information for volunteers who plan to contribute their research to Parks & Gardens UK.

Site Summary

Please Note: if a site is not normally open to the public and your research has been put together as part of a private tour or visit and the information contained within your report is not otherwise available from public sources, we ask that you please get permission from the owner(s) to submit your research to Parks & Gardens UK prior to submission. Ensure that permission has been granted to show the information on the PGUK website.

It is okay to leave some sections blank, if the information is not available

Initial Summary
Has permission been given for the research information to be shown on PGUK?
Open to the public

In general, all sites that are open to the public for all or part of the year should be classed as Open. Where opening dates are restricted, this should be noted in the Opening Contact Details field.

Website address of the site that provides current opening details

Contact information about how to find out about opening times and restrictions

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Site Details

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Principal Buildings

Alpine Garden, Bog Garden, Coastal Garden etc.

American Garden, Arts & Crafts, Baroque etc.

Describe the main soil type(s) if you can clearly identify it/them

Describe the underlying geology if you can clearly identify it/them


A more detailed history comes later. Include the main designers or architects here. (max 80 words)

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History of site to include all phases of development and all topographical areas. Please include dates/periods where known. Include a timeline of Historical events.



Modern photographs should ideally be of 300dpi or higher but lower resolution may be acceptable. The Parks & Gardens Content Management system will support photographs with a 2200px maximum width and 1Mb file size.

Historic photographs should be supplied to PGUK with relevant permissions and copyright clearance.

Photographers’ agreement to submit must be previously obtained and acknowledged. Subjects should not infringe confidentiality requirements of site owners (e.g. no lead statues) but as many features as possible submitted. Captions for photographs should include a brief narrative.

E.g. This is the stable block at *** viewed from the south. It was built in **** by **** for ***. It remains in a good state of preservation and is now in use as the tea rooms.

Photograph / Image

Maps / Plans

Copyright permissions need to be gained, where necessary, before historic maps are submitted.
Map / Plan