Milton Hall, Cambridge 4154

Milton, England, Cambridgeshire, Cambridge

Brief Description

Milton Hall, Cambridge is a late-18th-century landscape park laid out by Humphry Repton in 1789. The estate is now used by Pi Shurlok Ltd and is owned by private investors.


The park was laid out in 1789 to designs by Humphry Repton. The Hall was completed in 1794.

Detailed Description

Today the park landscape and the Repton proposals have been lost. The estate passed to the Baumgartners in 1835 and was sold at the end of the 19th century. The Hall was bought in 1948 by Eastern Electricity for use as a regional headquarters and in 1983 by Sinclair Research Ltd. One of the two lodges remains but is in a dilapidated state.The site is now the European office of Pi Shurlock Ltd.

Detailed History

In 1794 Samuel Knight completed a new house to designs by Wilkins on the site of a house which had been built by his father north of the church.

Samuel Knight met Humphry Repton while at Trinity College, Cambridge. The new house was set in a park which was laid out in 1789 to designs of Humphry Repton, producing a vista east from the house surrounded by plantations, with a lake to the south-east.

Repton noted in the Accounts Book that he advised 'en ami' (for free, for a friend) only charging expenses. Samuel contributed an essay to Repton's 'Variety'.

In 1794-5, to enlarge his grounds to the west, Samuel had the Cambridge-Ely turnpike diverted away from the west front of his house.


  • 18th Century
  • Late 18th Century
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