Fen Ditton Hall 4055

Cambridge, England, Cambridgeshire, Cambridge

Brief Description

A parkland associated with the 17th-century hall. The parkland is now lost and the garden now only extends into the old orchard which has been replanted with pleached limes. The enclosures to the east are now a grass field and used for housing.

Detailed Description

Originally the garden lay to the south-east of the hall with a walled orchard to the north and further walled enclosures to the east. Today the garden extends into the orchard, where the remaining area is planted with pleached limes relating to a restored medieval timber warehouse which is covered with climbing roses. The enclosures to the east are now a grass field, and a housing plot.
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Detailed History

Fen Ditton Hall was built around 1630 in red brick by Thomas Willys with Dutch gables. It overlooked a small park to the south which has now lost its central avenue and boundary planting.