The Country Park, Milton 4089

Cambridge, England, Cambridgeshire, South Cambridgeshire

Brief Description

A public park located on former farmland on the northern edge of Cambridge.


The park was opened in 1993 and owes much of its appearance to the extraction of sand and gravel for civil engineering projects between 1930 and 1960.

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Detailed Description

The park features a children's play area, a sensory garden for the blind and an unusual sun clock and compass added in 1999. The park has six lakes and pools with a two mile network of paths around the park that are wheelchair accessible.
  • Sundial
  • Description: The Sunclock and Compass represent Time and Place and were added to the Park in 1999 to commemorate the millennium and "celebrate mankind's link to nature and the environment". The points of the sun clock are stones set into the ground and the shadow to tell the time is created by visitors standing in the centre of the stone circle.
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  • Lake
  • Description: Dickerson's Pit is a flooded gravel pit and lies on the east side of the Park. It contains a mixed population of "silver" fish including chubb, roach and pike and pike fishing is popular in the lake with some good size specimens being caught.
  • Lake
  • Description: Todd's Pit is a flooded gravel pit lying on the west side of the Park and is the lake which is overlooked from the visitor centre balcony. It is a carp lake, having being stocked with carp over twenty years ago so there are some very large specimens in there now.
  • Pool
  • Description: Hall's Pool is a pool that was left behind when the gravel pit between Todd's and Dickerson's was land-filled. On the east side is a platform used by educational groups for pond dipping.
  • Pool
  • Description: The deep pool is an extension of Dickerson's Pit separated from the main part of the lake by 2 spits of land connected by bridges and a small island. It is the deepest part of the old gravel works and contains associated abandoned machinery on the pool bed.
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Civil Parish

  • Milton

Detailed History

The park was opened in 1993 and is maintained by South Cambridge District Council.