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Kilmardinny (also known as Kilmorduny, Killmerdinie)4528


The designed landscape at Kilmardinny comprises woodland, open areas of grassland, a loch with a perimeter walk and a small area of gardens around the house. Now surrounded by housing development, the site represents only part of the 18th- and 19th-century estate and provides an open green space with high recreational, amenity and wildlife value. The house is in use as an Arts Centre.

South of the house is a small area of garden consisting of a formal layout of flower beds in grass terraces, surrounded by ornamental conifers. Mixed-age, mixed deciduous woodland clothes the slopes north-west of Kilmardinny Avenue, surrounds the loch and forms a belt of trees dividing two open areas, one of which may be former parkland.

The house is now reduced in size and a kitchen garden occupies the area where a wing once stood. The house functions as Kilmardinny House Arts Centre and is a venue for arts and theatre events.

  • House (featured building)
  • Description: The house was added to in phases over the 19th century and now functions as an Arts Centre.
  • Lake
  • Description: Kilmardinny Loch.
Gate Lodge
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The lochside and grounds are open to all. The house is run as a Theatre and Arts Centre - for details ring 0141 931 5083.


Kilmardinny House is 1 kilometre north-east of Bearsden station and can be accessed from Kilmardinny Avenue.


Mid-18th-century maps show the house in the centre of a cross of avenues, one of which led to the loch. In 1780 the estate was divided into four lots, although about half of it was reunited later in 1853. By this time a designed landscape had been laid out with estate buildings, a walled garden and parkland. In the 1930s part of the land was developed by the owner as a housing estate and in 1965 Bearsden Town Council took over the house as an Arts Centre.


  • 18th Century