Victoria Park, Stafford 3373

Staffordshire, England, Staffordshire, Stafford

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The park was opened in June 1908. Some alterations were made to the river in the 1970s to reduce the risk of flooding the park. Otherwise, the park remains unaltered and well-maintained by the Council.

Visitor Facilities

This is a municipal park for general public use.

Detailed Description

Today the park is well-maintained.
  • River
  • Description: River Sow.
  • Walk
  • Description: Riverside walks.
  • Pool
  • Description: Paddling pool.
Aviary, Bowling Green, Bandstand, Pavilion
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This is a municipal park for general public use.


The park is at the entrance to Stafford Railway Station.

Detailed History

Plans were drawn up by William Blackshaw, Borough Engineer, in 1903 for 10 acres of pleasure grounds adjacent to the River Sow.

There was to be '1 1/2 miles of promenading paths with 12 shelters and 33 seats at frequent intervals, band stand, boating establishment with landing stage, covered boat shed having dressing room and lavatory in connections therewith... a good assortment and arrangement of athletic appliances: one swing frame for boys, one swing frame for girls, one giant slide, one set of parallel bars and six seats... also a stong and lofty flagpole for use on holidays and gala days'.

The park was laid out by T Dobbs and Co. of Wolverhampton, and opened in June 1908. However, as the Mayor and the Earls of Shrewsbury, Dartmouty and Lichfield all declined to officiate, there was no formal opening ceremony.

A further two acres on the opposite side of the river were laid out in 1911, linked by the Coronation Bridge which was opened by the Mayor on 25th August 1911. In the 1970s, a programme of tree-felling, earth movements, and excavations in the river was undertaken, with the aim of reducing the risk of flooding. This necessarily altered the park's original layout.


  • Early 20th Century (1901-1932)
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