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Preen Manor (also known as Church Preen Manor, Preen Manor Gardens)5098

Short Description

Preen Manor features a house and grounds set in the ruins of a Cluniac monastery. There is a large park and formal gardens.

Detailed Description

Some elements of the 1870s garden survive, including mature trees, terraced levels, and a garden wall. A comprehensive redesign and restoration in the 20th century has created 'garden rooms' with a wide variety of plantings, including a vegetable garden, large and small pools, paved gardens, and naturalistic woodland gardens.

Much of the new work, with restorations and replantings in the 1970s and 1980s, has been modelled on the old. For example, the vegetable garden has an elaborate, double-arrow ground plan, echoing the original brick and stone wall on one side.

On the approach to the house, the road winds between old and twisted tree trunks and rhododendrons. Large cedar trees contemporary with the original house also still exist, providing a dramatic feature across the terraced lawn. The front of the house also features a sloping lawn and a paved garden with a great variety of plants.

There is a cottage garden nearby with a Prunus serrula tree, and to the side of the front lawn, there are Oriental poppies, geraniums, and purple sage valerian along the walls. A passageway of ferns leads to a neighboring secret garden.

There is also the Chess Garden, where an old swimming pool garden was replanted and enclosed with beech hedges, and laid out with a chessboard pattern and giant pieces.

To the right of the house there is a wooded area with two long pools known as the Monks' Bathing Pools. They are fed by a natural stream running under a stone bridge, and they are surrounded by sculptued yews, hostas, foxgloves, ferns, rodgersias, and Primula japonica.

At the rear of the house is a totally enclosed courtyard, filled with fragile and beatuiful plants.

  • Manor House (featured building)
  • Description: The manor house was built around 1870 by Norman Shaw for Arthur Sparrow, as an extension to an existing house (Pevsner 1974, 100). However, all except the ground floor was demolished and replaced by a smaller house in 1921 (VCH Shropshire 8 1968, 125).
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  • Hunting Lodge
  • Description: The lodge at Preen Manor was built in a neo-vernacular style, with timber-framed upper storeys, low eaves, and fretted bargeboards (Stamper 1996, 85).
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Civil Parish

  • Church Preen
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