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Golding Hall


At Golding Hall there are surviving sunken gardens, surrounded by brick-walled terraces. The microclimate of the terraces may have been used to grow fruit and vegetables as well as ornamentals such as topiary yews. There may also have been ornamental evergreens placed around the earth terraces which ran off the ends of the brick terraces and across the end of the garden. The whole area is about 30 metres square, and was presumably once a formal parterre.

Features & Designations


  • Country House (featured building)
  • Description: Golding Hall is a red-brick manor house with a recessed- centre front and two gables on the short wings.
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  • Terrace
  • Description: There are two brick-walled terraces behind the house, both supported by broad raking buttresses.
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  • Summerhouse
  • Description: At one end of the upper terrace, there are foundations of what may have been a summerhouse.
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