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Newmarket Road Cemetery, Cambridge 4067

Brief Description

A cemetery laid out in 1905 and now owned by the city council. The cemetery contains a Special Service Plot established by the council in 1940. The cemetery is surrounded by clipped yew hedges.

Visitor Facilities

This site is a burial ground.

Detailed Description

The cemetery is enclosed by clipped yew hedging and is planted within its boundary with several trees. The layout is planned on similar lines to War Grave cemeteries throughout the World.

A white pavilion stands at the east boundary between two silver birches looking towards a Lutyens Stone of dedication, raised on three stone steps, which was dedicated in 1951. Around this stone are rows of headstones (replacing the wooden crosses erected during the War) with narrow beds growing small herbaceous plants. The maintenance of the plots is undertaken by the Imperial War Graves Commission.

Pavilion, Hedge, Herbaceous Border
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This site is a burial ground.

Detailed History

The cemetery, located to the east of the city, was laid out in 1905 and now is owned by the City Council. The grid layout of paths was later extended eastwards over allotment gardens. In the centre of the cemetery is the site of a Special Services Plot, established by the Council in 1940, where 47 men and women are buried. In 1942 the Air Ministry suggested this plot might be extended for the burials of Royal Air Force, Dominions and Allied Forces personnel. The Council agreed and 731 airmen were buried together with three members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force.


  • Early 20th Century (1901-1932)