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Egremont Street, Number 31, Ely 6183


Features of 31 Egremont Street include lawns, a vegetable garden, orchard and path.

The present owners have skilfully divided this .5 hectare garden into a series of separate spaces, keeping earlier division walls as part of the layout. The central garden is a productive vegetable garden with a central path edged with box. To the west are several trees with roses climbing through them and from here are fine views towards the cathedral.

Nearer the house, the scale is more intimate with a lawn surrounded by herbaceous plants and a young Gingko and tulip tree are growing well, obviously enjoying the good soil and the protection from the cold east winds.

Lawn, Orchard, Path
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This site is a bed and breakfast.

Civil Parish

  • Ely

Detailed History

Originally the site of one of many extensive orchards around the city, the garden at 31 Egremont Street still keeps part of the old orchard as an integral area of the garden.


  • Cambridgeshire Gardens Trust