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Cawder, Wilderness Plantation 4434

Brief Description

The Wilderness Plantation is a block of semi-natural woodland, consisting mainly of birch and beech. It has the same broad outline as a mid-18th-century formal plantation that was part of the designed landscape of the Cawder estate.


The Wilderness Plantation was created during the mid-18th century. A contemporary map shows a central avenue with diagonal avenues radiating from focal points, typical of formal 'wilderness' plantations of the time.

Detailed Description

The Wilderness Plantation is situated to the south-west of the current Cawder estate, of which it was once a part. The line of the Antonine Wall runs parallel to the northern boundary of the wood.

The Wilderness Plantation essentially retains its 18th-century outline but is now a continous block of woodland consisting largely of birch and beech of varying ages. There are scattered mature beech throughout the woodland and a high level of regeneration. There is at least one area of pine and oak. The woodland has high conservation value and is a significant feature in the local landscape.

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