Wicken Fen Cottage, Wicken Fen 4117

Wicken, England, Cambridgeshire, East Cambridgeshire

Brief Description

Features of Wicken Fen include various flowering plants and hedges.

Detailed Description

A simple thatched and tiled cottage stands to the left of Lode Lane which is the access drive to Wicken Fen, now owned by the National Trust. By looking over the garden hedge one can admire this simple, unpretentious garden filled with jumbles of foxgloves, hollyhocks, yarrows and white daisies. Amongst these grow a few roses and butcher's broom. A small area is set aside for fruit and vegetables, and not surprisingly several nettles as the cottage is so close to such a fine Nature Reserve.

Civil Parish

  • Wicken


  • Cambridgeshire Gardens Trust