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Western Synagogue Cemetery, Enfield 7311

Brief Description

The cemetery is entered through 2 sets of quite ornamental iron gates in a brick wall leading into a gravelled driveway with some well-kept shrub planting/oblong formal bed in front of a square brick building that bears the only indication of the name of the cemetery on a plaque inscribed: Cemetery of the Western Synagogue. Behind this building is a concrete path leads through the graves, flanked by a series of neatly pruned laurel bushes, then small conifers; turning left it becomes a neat gravelled path.


The Western Synagogue was established in 1761 and opened its cemetery in Montagu Road in the late-19th century.

Visitor Facilities

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Detailed Description

The Western Synagogue was established in 1761 and the Cemetery in Montagu Road opened in 1884 as its second cemetery. The land was initially owned by the Federation of Synagogues whose adjacent Edmonton Federation Cemetery opened in 1889. A portion of the land was sold to the Western Synagogue for its own, smaller cemetery. There are neat ranks of headstones, and a main path leads through the graves, but there are no buildings.

Sources consulted:

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Rail: Edmonton Green. Bus: 192, 363


  • London Parks and Gardens Trust