Wennington Village Green 9511

Greater London, England, Greater London

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A square of undulating land planted with grass and a few small trees, the Green has an ornamental sign inscribed 'Wennington Village' and has been the site of village celebrations and events.


Although the hamlet of Wennington existed from at least 969AD, its Village Green dates from the 1920s. The manor of 'Winintune' belonged to Edward the Confessor and then to Westminster Abbey before being subdivided into separate manors. The medieval parish church is to the west of the Green, with Wennington Hall, the former manor house, to the east. The Green was created when the houses that surround it on three sides were built adjacent to Wennington Road, an ancient route that has existed for centuries.

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Rail: Rainham. Bus: 324


  • Early 20th Century (1901-1932)


  • London Parks and Gardens Trust