Spring Farm Park 8074

London, England, Greater London

Brief Description

The park appears to have been simply laid out, with perimeter trees, few paths and a pavilion. From 1948 onwards recreational facilities were provided, including tennis courts, a paddling pool and putting green, and a water garden in 1953, apparently much appreciated by elderly visitors.


This area remained agricultural land well into the 20th century. Spring Cottages are marked on 19th-century maps with much of the surrounding area, including the future site of Spring Farm Park, shown as fields. It is first marked as a recreation ground on the 1939 Ordnance Survey map, following the footprint of the old field to a great extent, while having lost land along the eastern edge. During World War 2 the land was used for food production but in 1946 it was reinstated as a public park.

Visitor Facilities

The park is open daily until dusk.
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The park is open daily until dusk.


Rail: Rainham. Bus: 165, 287