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Thomas Robinson's Garden, Over 4099

Brief Description

A lost, late-18th-century garden which featured a parterre, ponds and walled enclosures. The garden was laid out for Mr Thomas Robinson a wealthy farmer and landowner.

Detailed Description

The homestead and garden of Mr. Thomas Robinson, a wealthy farmer in the 1770s, is shown in detail on a map dated 1797 which was surveyed by Thomas Lovell, Clerk to Mr. Jenkinson.

Mr. Robinson's garden was laid out in the form of an enclosed parterre to the west of the farm house. An enclosure with fencing further to the west of the parterre is named the 'Garden'. The map depicts trees, ponds, roads, gates, farmyard outbuildings.

The site is to the east of the village along Wants Lane which today is called Meadow Lane. All that remains today of Mr. Robinson's house and garden is a section of wall and gateway almost lost in a modern housing estate without a parterre in sight.

House, Parterre, Pond, Pool

Civil Parish

  • Over


  • 18th Century
  • Late 18th Century