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Tatem Park and Hollywood Gardens (also known as Tatem Recreation Ground)8106

Brief Description

Two sites were united in 1983 when further landscaping was carried out in the central area with the accent on wildlife conservation and numerous trees, wild flowers and native grasses were planted. They provide two distinct landscapes: the ornamental Hollywood Gardens in the south, and the less formal Tatem Park in the north.


Tatem Park opened in 1937, laid out on a former gravel pit owned by two sisters, nieces of James Tatem, who donated the site to Edmonton Borough Council for use as a public park. In 1945 an area of wasteland was purchased and laid out as an ornamental garden, named after Cllr George Hollywood of Edmonton Parks Committee. This lower area had clay deposits and two kilns are marked on the Ordnance Survey map of 1894; bricks produced here were used to build surrounding housing. Excavations in 1913 unearthed remarkable discoveries of the last Ice Age in the form of skeletons and bones of Mastodon, Megatherium and Mammoth.

Visitor Facilities

The park is open from 8am Mon-Sat / 8.30am Sundays to dusk.
Access & Directions

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The park is open from 8am Mon-Sat / 8.30am Sundays to dusk.


Rail: Silver Street then bus; Edmonton Green then bus. Bus: 34, 102, 144, 217, 231, 444, W6.


  • London Parks and Gardens Trust