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Selwyn College


Features of Selwyn College include garden walls, paths, walks, lawns and a garden terrace.

The site along Grange Road consisted originally of ridge and furrow meadows, hedgerows and footpaths in the shade of the huge elms. The College was designed by Sir Arthur Blomfield who intended the central lawn in Old Court to be level with the buildings around it. But a sunken lawn prevailed for 80 years, similar to the one still to be found at their sister College, Keble, Oxford.

The simple planting in Old Court, walls covered by Virginia creeper and gravel paths has only recently been altered. The gravel is now replaced by Yorkstone paving and a narrow bed at the foot of the walls is now widened and planted with shrubs. Along the north range wall, plants collected from New Zealand have been planted in memory of Selwyn. And either side of the chapel are two myrtles. A vista through the railings and fine gates to north of the chapel lead down into the Main Gardens where a circular walk amongst the boundary trees invites a further inspection.

Immediately inside this garden are two borders filled with rare trees and shrubs. A pair of incense cedars frame the view to the central beds planted in the late-19th century-style with exotic half-hardy plants. These form an exuberant centre piece where cannas, dahlias and salvias dominate.

Originally the garden contained a collection of 270 roses of which only 70 remain. A border of agapanthus and kniphofias has recently been established, and part of the edging of this border has revealed the original circular walk, lost for many years.

The Fellows' Garden to the south is protected by a thick shrubbery and contains interesting horse chestnut trees which have dwarfed the cement rockery beneath them. The shape of the lawn is identical to that shown on the 1927 Ordnance Survey map.

The Master's Garden is enclosed by a beech hedge and contains a fine horse chestnut tree on the edge of the lawn which is edged by serpentine gravel paths. Around the lawn are mixed flower borders some extending to both sides of the paths. Plants on the terrace cascade down the retaining walls.

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Selwyn College was founded in 1882 in memory of the first Bishop of New Zealand, George Augustus Selwyn.

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