Norwood Park (also known as Norwood Common, New Park)7962

London, England, Greater London

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There are few features and it remains a hilly common, with a tree-lined walk from Finch Avenue.


Norwood Park is a hilly park that was once woodland owned by the Archbishop of Canterbury. North Wood was common land, and deforestation began in the 17th century. By the late-18th century the woodland had disappeared and the land was without revenue opportunity, and in 1806 the then Archbishop obtained an Act of Parliament to enclose the common land in Lambeth Manor. The site of Norwood Park was formerly Great Elderhall/Elderhole coppice, which was allocated partly to the Archbishop and partly used for housing development of Elder Road, Gipsy Road, and Salter's Hill. In 1903, following pressure from the MPGA, the LCC approached the Ecclesiastical Commissioners to purchase the site that remained open land. It was purchased in 1908 and the park laid out, opening as New Park in 1911.

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Opening is unrestricted.


Rail: West Norwood, Gipsy Hill. Bus: 2, 322, 417, 432, 450


  • Early 20th Century (1901-1932)