Jutsums Park (also known as Jutsums Lane Recreation Ground)7865

London, England, Greater London

Brief Description

By 1939 the Recreation Ground is shown laid out with perimeter trees along north, south and west boundaries, bounded to the north by the railway escarpment. A children's playground is shown to the east with a drinking fountain and lavatories, and a path leads east from the entrance on Jutsom's Lane.


The small park was opened in the 1930s as Jutsums Lane Recreation Ground, later changed to Jutsums Park. Judson's Lane is an old lane running across farmland, shown on 19th-century maps. The Great Eastern Railway had reached Romford in 1839 and thenceforth the old market town expanded although the area to the west remained largely farmland into the 1920s. The future park's site, near Crowlands and Fiddler's Hall, is marked as a gravel pit by 1896.

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The park is open daily until dusk.
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The park is open daily until dusk.


Rail: Romford then bus. Bus: 499


  • Early 20th Century (1901-1932)