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Coronation Gardens, Romford 8285

Brief Description

The base of the demolished chapel was initially planted as a raised rose bed but in 1970 the Romford War Memorial was re-erected here when the new Ring Road necessitated its relocation. To the rear of the garden are 19th-century gravestones that were cleared when the garden was laid out.


Coronation Gardens were laid out on land originally purchased as the site for the new Romford parish church in 1844. In 1849 the church was rebuilt on an alternative site in Market Place and only the parish burial ground with a chapel were built here. The cemetery was full by 1871. In 1953 the Council and Church authorities re-landscaped the area as public gardens commemorating the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

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Tube: Hornchurch. Rail: Romford. Bus: 66, 87, 128, 165, 175, 248, 252, 348, 370, 373, 496.