Joydens Wood (also known as Jordans Wood)9370

Greater London, England, Greater London

Brief Description

Although much of the wood has been planted in recent years there is a record of woodland here in Tudor times and also mention is made of tile kilns when it was part of the Manor of Baldwyns in the C16th. In 1956 the Forestry Commission took over what was then known as the Big Wood, cleared much of the stunted oaks and other native trees in order to plant compartments of cash crop trees.


On a map of Kent of 1769 it is named Jordan’s Wood and was part of the Mount Mascal estate, but by 1805 the spelling had become Joydens Wood. In 1884 parts of the wood were sold off, some of it later developed for housing in the 1930s.

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Rail: Bexley then bus.


  • Tudor (1485-1603)


  • London Parks and Gardens Trust