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Hartford House


Features of Hartford House include orchards, pasture, enclosed gardens and a long avenue.

In the early-19th century, the gardens, orchards and pasture covered some 2.4 hectares. Later in that century, when the house became the residence of Charles John Desborough, the gardens contained many fine conifers, two enclosed gardens and a long avenue of trees leading to a viewing mound overlooking the river. The whole garden was enclosed by a brick wall. Today the walled kitchen garden and other parts of the grounds have been developed for housing.

Hartford House is a mellow red brick, early-19th-century house adjacent to a quiet lane that leads to Harford church. Hartford House stands on the bank of the River Ouse, once a favourite spot of the poet William Cowper.

In the late-19th century, Charles John Desborough, Director of Barclays Bank in Huntingdon purchased the house. Currently, parts of the estate have been developed for housing.

Features & Designations


  • Orchard
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  • Garden Wall
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  • Artificial Mound
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  • Kitchen Garden
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  • House (featured building)
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