The Firs, Manchester 6159

Manchester, England, Greater Manchester

Brief Description

The Firs had a house in grounds with parkland to the east of Whitworth Lane surrounded by open fields. The house survives, and the grounds are now part of Manchester University Athletic Grounds.


In 1849, there was a small house in about one acre of land. A new house, stuccoed and informal, was built in 1851 by Walters for Sir Joseph Whitworth, engineer and philanthropist. The grounds were developed around 1851, and the parkland was created by taking in surrounding fields to the east. A shooting gallery was built by the War Office in the grounds to help Whitworth in his work to improve the accuracy of rifles. The estate was later owned by Charles Prestwich Scott, editor of the Manchester Guardian.



  • Victorian (1837-1901)



  • Lancashire Gardens Trust

  • Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit