Cherrington Manor House 5088

Cherrington, England, Shropshire

Brief Description

In 1892, Cherrington Manor House was recorded as a 'gentlewoman's residence,' with a 9 acre park defined by a wood and iron fence. The park contained a small pond of half an acre, was planted with oak and elm, and contained Chinese geese and fallow deer (Whitaker 1892, 129).


Cherrington Manor House, dated to 1635, stands within a medieval moated site. By the late 19th century, and most likely far earlier, the site featured a wooded deer park.

  • Manor House (featured building)
  • Description: Cherrington Manor is a three-story timber-framed manor house with a lobby-entry plan. The house features a gabled centre porch, probably added in the 19th century, and there is concave-sided lozenge decoration in the left and right gables. There are also two blind arches beneath the first floor windows.This house may represent an addition to an older, now-demolished, structure. In addition, a reused cruck timber dated by dendrochronology to 1537-1557 survives from a demolished outbuilding (
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  • Boundary Fence
  • Description: In 1892, the park was defined by a wood and iron fence
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