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Chase Green Gardens and Gentlemans Row 8263

Brief Description

Chase Green Gardens are on former woodland that became part of Enfield Chase in 1136, with local people retaining common rights. The New River Loop flows through the gardens, part of the scheme to bring fresh water to London in a conduit from Hertfordshire through Enfield to Islington.


When the Chase was enclosed in 1779 a portion was allotted to villagers as compensation for loss of rights. In 1803 all but 5 hectares of this portion was itself enclosed, later transferred to Enfield UDC in 1898. The New River Company was set up in 1606 and work began in 1609 with financial backing from James I, and was completed in 1613. In 1890 the portion around Enfield was piped underground thereby making this stretch redundant. It was saved from being infilled by a public campaign to preserve it for its ornamental value and it is essentially a linear lake.

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Rail: Enfield Chase/Enfield Town. Bus: 121, 191, 192, 231, 307, 313, 317, 329, W9 [310, 310A, 311, 517, 610, W10]