Cardeston Park 5034

Cardeston, England, Shropshire

Brief Description

Cardeston Park was in existence before 1374. It was enlarged in the early 16th century, and those boundaries are preserved in the land owned by Cardeston Park Farm, a house built in 1842 that is currently (2008) used as a bed and breakfast.


Cardeston Park is first mentioned in 1374, but references to the 'old park' in 1379 suggest that there had been even earlier grounds. In 1374 the park produced only produced wood from small trees and shrubs, but it was fenced in 1415, and stocked with the lord's livestock in 1418. The park was enlarged in the early 16th century, and in 1544 it contained 20 cows (see Victoria County History). The current house on the site, Cardeston Park Farm, was built in 1842.