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Rossall (also known as Ross Hall)


Rossall had a small park surrounding the house in the early 19th century.

Rossall, earlier known as Ross Hall, was built in 1677 for Edward Gosnell. In the early-19th century Rossall had a small park, which was approached from the road between Bicton and the Isle by a tree-lined drive or avenue. By 1845 those trees seem to have gone, and several cottages lay immediately outside the western edge of the park. By 1887 the cottages had been removed and the park extended to the Bicton - The Isle road, taking in an allotment of Bicton Heath. North-east of the Hall is a fishpond with an unusual tapering plan, which was present by 1817.

Features & Designations


  • Country House (featured building)
  • Description: The house at Rossall was built in 1677, but has been much altered since that time. The garden-side facade is of five bays and two storeys. The ground floor is treated as an open porch with Tuscan columns. The service buildings to either side of the house are better preserved.
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  • Fishpond
  • Description: To the north-east of the hall, there is a fishpond of an unusual tapering shape.
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  • Avenue
  • Description: An avenue or tree-lined drive led from the Bicton-the Isle road to the hall through the park in the early-19th century. The trees were gone by 1845.
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