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Mr Sanderson Miller

Sanderson Miller (1716–1780) was an esteemed 18th-century British architect and landscape designer, recognized for his contributions to the Palladian style and the transformation of English gardens. Born at Radway Grange, Warwickshire, in 1716, Miller exhibited a deep passion for architecture from a young age. After inheriting the estate in 1737 he began to re-design the house in a Gothic style. He also created follies in the grounds. He established a reputaion as an amateur architect, and his patron was George Lyttelton. Despite lacking formal training, his innate talent and enthusiasm led him to become a prominent figure in the architectural world of his time.

Miller’s work was heavily influenced by the Palladian architectural style, characterized by symmetry, proportion, and classical elements. He was known for his ability to blend this style with the natural landscape, creating harmonious designs that seamlessly integrated with their surroundings.

One of Miller’s notable achievements was his collaboration with Capability Brown, the renowned landscape architect. Together, they worked on several projects, including the transformation of estates like Croome Court in Worcestershire and Hagley Hall in Worcestershire, where Miller’s architectural expertise complemented Brown’s landscape designs.

His significant contribution lies in his country house designs, where he combined his architectural skills with a deep understanding of the natural environment. His designs often included features like grand porticos, classical columns, and symmetrical facades that perfectly complemented the surrounding gardens and landscapes.

Miller’s legacy extended beyond his architectural prowess. He was also a skilled amateur archaeologist and antiquarian, showing a keen interest in studying and preserving historical artifacts and ruins.


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