Winterstoke Gardens, Ramsgate (also known as The Helen Wills Memorial Gardens)3543

Ramsgate, England, Kent, Thanet

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Brief Description

Winterstoke Gardens were laid out in 1920 to a formal architectural design on land purchased in 1912. The gardens include terracing with water features, lawns, flower beds, a rock garden and a Doric colonnade.

Visitor Facilities

This is a municipal site for general public use.

Detailed Description

The rock garden below is built into the cliff with Pulham stone and planted with shrubs. There are steps down to the lower level where a curved, Doric colonnade provides a shelter looking out to sea over the under-cliff. The pumps for the fountains are housed behind the colonnade.



  • Formal
  • Column
  • Description: Doric colonnade.
Lawn, Bed, Water Feature
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This is a municipal site for general public use.


Detailed History

Ramsgate Corporation bought the site on the East Cliff in 1912. The Winterstoke Gardens (also known as The Helen Wills Memorial Gardens) were laid out in the 1920s to a formal and architectural design. At the upper level were three water features with fountains separated by lawns and flower beds. The large, central circular pool is retained, the others have been restyled.


  • Early 20th Century (1901-1932)



  • Kent Gardens Trust