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Whitton Place 3505

Brief Description

The majority of the site was developed for housing about 1935. A small portion survived as the Old Latymerians Sports Ground, which is now leased to Whitton Park Sports Association. The site has many original trees from the 18th century, mainly ceders that were part of the famous Whitton Park collection.


The volery and greenhouse were designed by James Gibbs about 1725. The garden was laid out at this time, with a canal, Gothic tower and semi-natural walks. In 1728 the edges of the grounds were expanded by taking in some of the surrounding heath, and the Earl of Islay developed perhaps the most famous collection of exotic trees of the mid-18th century. The dwelling house attributed to Roger Morris was built in 1737 and demolished in 1847. Sir William Chambers took half the site after the Earl's death in the 1760s and designed garden buildings for himself.

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