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St Philip and St James Churchyard, Whitton (also known as Whitton Park Estate)7530

Brief Description

The church grounds are largely grass with a few fine trees, including monkey puzzle, with holly and hawthorn hedge to roads.


St Philip and St James Church was built in 1862 on land that was formerly part of the Whitton Park Estate, which was developed by the Duke of Argyll from 1722-61. He enlarged his estate and raised most of the trees in his park from seed, some of which remain in the former parkland, now built over by suburban housing. These are likely to include the fine trees in the grounds around the church. The Whitton Park estate was owned by the Gostling family from 1766-1892, who were closely involved in the village, playing a part in setting up the new parish and donating land for the church.

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Opening is unrestricted.
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Opening is unrestricted.


Rail: Hounslow/Whitton. Bus: 281, H22, R62


  • Victorian (1837-1901)


  • London Parks and Gardens Trust