Whittington Park, Shropshire 6752

Whittington, England, Shropshire

Brief Description

In the 14th century the park at Whittington was raided. Fulk Fitzwarren claimed that 205 horses, 168 cattle, 500 sheep, and 100 swine were taken, as well as deer, fish, and timber. The park had a moated lodge, adjacent to which was a group of fishponds. The park had presumably ceased to exist in the 16th century, when Park Hall was built to replace the lodge.


There was a park at Whittington before 1331, when it is recorded that it was raided and many livestock stolen. The park had presumably ceased to exist by around 1571, when Park Hall was built.

  • Hunting Lodge
  • Description: There was a moated hunting lodge adjacent to Whittington Park. This was replaced by Park Hall in 1571.
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Civil Parish

  • Whittington