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The Hayes, Oswestry (also known as The Hayes, Oswestry)


The Hayes is a mid-17th-century, cruciform stone building of some pretension (with later additions). It may be a hunting lodge. Associated gardens were recorded up until the 1960s.

The Hayes is a high quality, mid-17th-century, stone building of cruciform plan, with later additions. In 1961 the garden contained a row of 21 (of an original 22) ancient yew trees, under which was a walk known as the Monk's Walk. East of the house was the site of a large pool, filled in in the 1880s. The current situation is unclear.


While reputedly (and quite conceivably) once a hunting lodge, this is not substantiated by any of the surviving documentary evidence, which begins in 1577. In later years, gardens with wooded areas were associated with the building.

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