Whitehough, Ipstones 3498

Staffordshire, England, Staffordshire, Staffordshire Moorlands

Brief Description

Whitehough is a manor house with a walled garden to south. There is a summerhouse in the south-west corner, although this was almost dereleict in 1994.


The house was probably two houses, with date stones of 1620 and 1724.

Detailed Description

There are dates on two doorways of 1620 and 1724, whilst the date on the garden gate is 1719. The historical development of the house and gardens is not documented. Surviving remains suggest a 16th or 17th century formal garden on the east and west sides of the house. At the west and south-east corner summerhouses survived as late as 1900.

A low rampart runs the length of the south wall, which would have been between the summerhouses. This has been slightly altered by the addition of gates and a long avenue leading south-south-west, the date of which is unknown.


Civil Parish

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