Upper Berkeley Place/Upper Byron Place, Clifton, Bristol 4284

Bristol, England, Bristol, City of

Brief Description

Private, Communal garden area for the adjacent terraced housing.


The garden was created in the form of a private town square for the facing terraced housing on two sides of a triangle. Both sides were originally designated as Upper Berkeley Place though one side is now called Upper Byron Place. It was created circa 1787.

Detailed Description

The terraced housing now known as Upper Byron Place, where it fronts the communal garden, was formerly known as Upper Berkeley Place as well as the terrace still designated as Upper Berkeley Place. The terrace dates from c. 1787 and is by Thomas Paty in the late Georgian style.

The private communal garden is for the use of the residents of the adjacent terraced housing. It is surrounded by iron railings with a wrought iron entrance gate. It is planted with grass and trees and it is important as contributing to the setting of the terraces. It is within the Clifton conservation area it makes an important contribution to the late eighteenth century town design.


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Detailed History


  • 18th Century
  • Late 18th Century
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