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Swinton Park, Manchester (also known as Swinton Park Golf Club)6259

Brief Description

Swinton Park had a house with gardens, park and associated farm to the south of Manchester Road. The estate forms the western end of an arc of such estates in this area extending to Pendlebury House in the north-east. There was an entrance drive from the Manchester Road past Harold Gate to Swinton House, at the northern end of the site. A path ran west from the main drive across the northern part of the park to a separate dwelling on its western boundary. Swinton House was set in a wooded area which itself had a series of path systems and a lake. Swinton House and most of the other houses have disappeared but part of the park has survived as Swinton Park Golf Course.


There were a number of associated dwellings together with the farm to the south and east of the house, all of which had their own garden area but all appear to have shared the views of the park. The site appears to have contracted by the late-19th-century, with the loss of the park to the south and the addition of the Clifton Branch Line, which ran along the western boundary. The nature of the northern park area had changed and a number of almost circular clumps of various sizes had been planted. The whole of this parkland area was, by that time, breaking up and being given over to houses and industrial development.

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This is now a golf club. Access may be limited. Please check the website for details.
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This is now a golf club. Access may be limited. Please check the website for details.



  • Lancashire Gardens Trust

  • Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit