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St Mary's Churchyard, Ealing (also known as Ealing Parish Church)7477

Brief Description

The church and its immediate churchyard are reached through a picturesque lych-gate, with the area at the front laid out as a garden with grave slabs and a number of chest tombs, and the area behind having numerous monuments. The graveyard is in two parts, separated by a footpath with a roughly triangular area with a few tombstones to the east.


Ealing dates back to a Saxon settlement, and there was a church in the centre of the old village from at least 1130. The medieval church was rebuilt in 1735-40, after the old church collapsed having suffered damage in the Civil War. It was remodelled in the 1860s when a more significant church was needed to reflect the growing importance of the district, now that Ealing was a town.

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Opening is unrestricted.
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Opening is unrestricted.


Tube: South Ealing (Piccadilly). Bus: 65



  • London Parks and Gardens Trust