Ealing Common 7770

London, England, Greater London

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Features of Ealing Common include dense plating of horse chestnuts around the perimeter. Many of the original white metal posts and rails remain.


Ealing was largely agricultural until the mid-19th century, with villages clustered along Uxbridge Road and from Norman times commoners had rights to graze cattle and fowl on Ealing Common. By the 1840s much of the other common land in the region had been enclosed. In 1878, as a result of the 1866 Metropolitan Commons Act, Ealing Local Board purchased some 47 acres of Ealing Common from the landowner, the Bishop of London. Horse chestnuts were planted on the boundaries and white metal posts and rails were installed in 1887, many of which remain. In 1904 the road across the Common was widened and a new footpath created; during World War 2 the common was dug up for allotments. The common was used for grazing and donkey rides into the 20th century.

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Opening is unrestricted.


Tube: Ealing Common (Piccadilly, District). Bus: 83, 207, E10.