St Mary's Churchyard and Willesden Old Burial Ground (also known as Willesden Parish Church)7473

London, England, Greater London

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Many well-known local people have been buried here although few pre-19th century gravestones remain. The churchyard is walled with some good horse chestnuts and lime trees. Large-scale development has taken place around the Old Burial Ground, and extensive repairs and new paths are also being created in both churchyard and burial ground.


St Mary's Church and churchyard are lonely survivors of the old village, otherwise obliterated by development. Founded around 938, St Mary's is the oldest parish church in north-west London. It was famous as a place of pilgrimage from the 13th century onwards for its image of the Virgin Mary. By the 19th century the churchyard was full and in 1865 the newly established Willesden Burial Board purchased a 4-acre site, which became known as the 'new section', opening in 1868.

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Tube: Dollis Hill (Jubilee), Neasden. Bus: 260, 266, 297.


  • Medieval (1066-1540)


  • London Parks and Gardens Trust