St Ann Blackfriars Burial Grounds: Church Entry and Ireland Yard 9006

Greater London, England, Greater London

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The two churchyards closed in 1849 and were later laid out as public gardens, largely paved, both raised and containing a number of tombstones.


The parish of St Ann Blackfriars was established after the dissolution of the C13th Friary of the Dominicans or Black Friars, so called for the colour of their clothes. The Priory church, initially used as the parish church from 1544, was demolished in 1550 and subsequent complaints by local inhabitants deprived of a place of worship led to the building of St Ann Blackfriars in 1597. It was built on the site known as Ireland Yard, once part of the Provincial's Hall of the Priory. Part of the site of the nave of the Friary church became the burial ground of St Ann, the site now known as Church Entry. St Ann's burnt down in the Great Fire of 1666 and was not rebuilt, the parish amalgamating with that of St Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe and the church site became a burial ground.

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The site is open weekdays; 8am - 7pm or dusk if earlier.
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The site is open weekdays; 8am - 7pm or dusk if earlier.


Tube: Blackfriars (District, Circle). Rail: Blackfriars


  • Victorian (1837-1901)


  • London Parks and Gardens Trust