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Southend Park 8071

Brief Description

There are remains of a concrete cascade, bridge and pond (now dry) in the park today, which consists of areas of grass crossed by asphalt paths, relieved by changes in level. Among the trees are willow and lime of early-20th century date, with more recent flowering cherries, shrubs and modest bedding displays.


The area was open land prior to development in the 1950s, through which the River Pool meandered. By 1953 housing was built east of the railway and south of Southend Lane, enclosing Southend Park, which then occupied the western part of today's public park, the eastern part initially partly used for allotments. A paddling pool, footpaths, ponds and a pump house are shown, with a line of trees on the western boundary. By 1971 the park occupied the whole area, with the ponds and pump house still in place in the west and a shelter and toilets now provided, the eastern area shown with banked sides, and a playground in the south east corner.

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Opening is unrestricted.
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Opening is unrestricted.


Rail: Lower Sydenham


  • London Parks and Gardens Trust