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Shawbury 6586

Brief Description

In the 13th century there was a deer park at Shawbury, which lay south of the church. Remains of its curving boundary run down to include the southern edge of Shawbury Park Wood. By 1806 there was a long, straight, tree-lined approach to the house, Shawbury Park, running from the south-east.


In 1253 Giles of Erdington was licensed to construct a deer leap at his park at Shawbury. Presumably that was the park which lay south of the church on maps between 1577 and 1752 and later. Shawbury Park was built in the early 19th century in the middle of the park, replacing a building which was present in 1752. By 1806 there was an approach to the house from the south-east. Although the park is now lost, part of its curving boundary was still visible on maps of 1890.


Civil Parish

  • Shawbury