Harcourt Park 5658

Besford, England, Shropshire

Brief Description

This was probably once a deer park, with pre-18th-century origins, possibly dating back to the 16th century or even before.


Harcourt Park appears as a place name on maps from the mid-18th century, and may have already been established as a deer park in the 16th century.

Detailed Description

Harcourt Park, a farm, lies in the north-eastern quarter of a land unit defined to the

west by the river and to the east by a continuous hedge line, meeting the river

south of Harcourt Mill. It would seem highly likely that at some some stage prior to the mid-18th century this was a deer park, though little that is idnetifiable as such seems to remain today.


Civil Parish

  • Stanton upon Hine

Detailed History

Harcourt park appears as a place name on maps from 1572, and is probable that park shown north of Stanton in 1577.