Ruyton XI Towns (also known as Ruyton Park, Ruyton-of-the-Eleven-Towns)6500

Ruyton XI Towns, England, Shropshire

Brief Description

Ruyton-XI-Towns has had a park since the 12th century.


The first park at Ruyton-XI-Towns is recorded in 1195, and it existed until enclosure around 1600. A house called Ruyton Park was built by 1788 in the south-eastern part of the park. Since 1940 it has housed Packwood Haugh Preparatory School.

Detailed Description

Ruyton Park lay north-west of Ruyton village. The first mention of a park at Ruyton XI Towns is when John Lestrange enlarged his park there in 1195. He added a corner of Birch Wood, which abutted where the park pale met the river Perry. The park was mentioned again in 1269-1275. In the 14th century, income from the park derived from pannage, agistment (payment for cattle grazing), and sales of timber. In 1378, after a great storm, the timber sold included alders and a lentisk (Pistacia Lentiscus, or mastic tree). Enclosure began in 1600, when a third of the park was sold.

Before 1788 a house

called Ruyton Park had been built in the south-eastern part of the old

park. It was rebuilt in 1887-9, and

surrounded by a small park running down to the Perry. Since 1940 it has housed Packwood Haugh Preparatory School.


Civil Parish

  • Ruyton-XI-Towns


  • Medieval (1066-1540)
  • 12th Century